• Baron Holfsdor vas Stralkia

    Baron Holfsdor vas Stralkia

    The Baron is the Leader of the Region, a jovial man. He always wears golden Armor, emblazoned with the Symbol of Torm (He is quite the devotee to the God of Justice)
  • Bradlo Thomson

    Bradlo Thomson

    Bradlo leads the Humans still in Carstead. His defining characteristic is his oversized Maul.
  • Craivg vas Stralkia II

    Craivg vas Stralkia II

    Highest ranking Priest in the Church, and son of the Baron.
  • Harvey


    One of those left in the town, Harvey is a heavily-armed Polearm-toting Human.
  • Ilyai


    Mother of Marcus, saved by PCs Kratos and JOES CHAR on the night of their arrival in Carstead.
  • Marcus


    Son of Ilyia, Marcus is a 4 year old human boy. The Zombies terrify him to no end.
  • The Twins

    The Twins

    Two of the Monks of the Church of Everburning Ash.