A relic of an Aspect of Kossuth, this Fullblade can cut down enemies with amazing ease. It voices it's feelings to it's wielder.


The Ashbringer stats need to be discovered! Yay.


Created by an Aspect of Kossuth centuries ago when it was summoned to destroy an Attacking army of the Undead. The entity left the Weapon behind, and the followers of Kossuth have kept it ever since. Only a True Worshipper of Kossuth can lift it, and only those able to swing a Fullblade can use it.
The Ashbringer communicates it’s thoughts of the wielder quite clearly. If it disapproves of them, it yells until it gets “hoarse”. If it likes them, it recites some of the Dogma of Kossuth, or stays quiet. When wielded by the greatest of Warriors, it becomes a Flaming beacon of Radiance.


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